HNS Reitze - Excruciation

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HNS Reitze
aka Hannes, Schinder HNS
(2008 - present)

Guitars / Theremin

other activities: Auric Exciton, Music From The Void Of Time, Ashtar (live)

past activities: Moonfrost (live), Mirum Temple, Forgotten Chaos, Bestial Torment, Mörbid Pöisön, Stoned Hill

guest appearances live: Tribes of Cain, Necrodeath

Discography Excruciation

2016: [c]rust
2016: Lutheran Psalms
2015:  Twenty Four Hours
2014:  [g]host
2013:  Worship
2009:  [t]horns

Other selected discography:

Forgotten Chaos:
2008:  Golden rules of the underground
2007:  War from the basement of hell
2006:  Victorious among the damned

Bestial Torment:
2011:  Revelations of morbid warfare
2004:  Celebration of damnation
2001:  Terror from below
2000:  Miasma
2000:  The dawn of the zombies

Mörbid Pöisön:
2008:  Walpurgisnacht Kommando

2013:  Necrodeath - Hellive, "United Forces" (guest guitars)

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