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Eugenio Meccariello

Marcel Bosshart

D.D. Lowinger

Andy Renggli


Formed in 1984 to smash juvenile frustration and aggression into a hostile world with terms such as Death, Doom & Thrash Metal.
Their first demo had remarkable airplay in US-underground radio stations and even reached No.1 for several weeks.
Excruciation’s first official release “The last Judgment” sold over 15,000 copies and reached Switzerland’s Top 100.
Following the release was a successful tour of Switzerland and abroad, as well as becoming the first Swiss metal band to
tour in ex-communist Germany.
EXCRUCIATION was ready for international take over with the 1991 world wide release of “Anno Domini…” which sold over
20’000 copies , a very respectable amount at the time for an underground metal release.
In 1991 due to various musical and personal differences EXCRUCIATION took an indefinite time out.

In 2005 for old times’ sake and seemingly long forgotten friendship all the original members came together again.
After that eventful evening EXCRUCIATION was reborn and resurrected from the dead. And contrary to expectations,
in 2005 “Arise“ saw the light of day!
Re-energized and reinspired by the music the band focused on the first full length album in their entire history
“Angels to some, demons to others”, released in early 2007, followed by “[t]horns” in 2009 and in doing so re-established the
bands status once again.
2012 saw the re-release of Excruciation’s early works “Last Judgement” & “First Assault” on vinyl by the Italian label
“F.O.A.D. Records” and a live recording from 1987 being released on tape by “The Ritual Productions” from the Netherlands,
who also released [t]horns on vinyl in 2013.
In 2014 [g]host, Excruciation third full-length was released, an intense journey into humanity’s darkest and deepest abysses!
Released through Auric Records & Gadget Records/Phonag  in Switzerland.

Next step deeper into darkness will be the album [c]rust to be released by WormHoleDeath Records
in collaboration with the bands own label Auric Records!
On [c]rust, Excruciation will forge their versatile influences ranging from 80s Dark Wave and
Crustcore to oldschool Black, Death and Doom Metal into a new piece of extreme metal!




   October 1984          
   February 1985        
   April 1985               
   July 1985                
   October 1985          
   February 1986        
   May 1986
   September 1986     
   December 1986

   March 1987
   March/April 1987
   August 1987
   April 1988
   July 1989
   August 1989
   November 1990
   January 1991
   June 1991
   November 1991
   February 2005
   July 2005
   November 2005
   September 2006
   January 2007
   January 2008
   June 2009
   October 2009
   April 2011
   June 2011
   March 2012
   October 2012
   February 2013
   April 2013
   August 2013
   October/December '13
   February 2014
   May 2014
   October 2014

   December 2014
   March 2015
  August 2015
  December 2015
  March 2016
  April 2016
  July 2016
  May 2017
  November 2017
  December 2017
  March 2018
  May 2018
  December 2018
  March 2019

Formed by José Venegas & Mat Arani. Soon joined by Marcel Bosshart & D.D. Lowinger
Line up completed by Eugenio Meccariello
Recording of "The fourth apocalyptic rider" demo. Never officially released.
Mat has been replaced by Andy Renggli.
Recording of the "First Assault" demo. Soon withdrawn.
Rerecorded the "First Assault". Including new songs.
First two gigs.
First sold out show in Zurich.
Recording of the "Last Judgment" demo, which later on has been released by Chainsaw Murder Rec./We Bite Rec.
José left the band.
First gig outside Switzerland (Germany)
First "bigger" gig, supporting "The Young Gods" in front of 1400 people.
First small tour.  5 Gigs in 8 Days through Switzerland & Italy.
Release of the "Last Judgement" mini LP by Chainsaw Murder Records/We Bite Records.
Recording of the "Prophecy of Immortality" demo.
Recording of the "Abyss of time " demo.
George Hauser joined Excruciation.
Recording the "Act of Despair" demo.
Signing to Turbo Music.
Releasing "Anno Domini - An anthology of the past".
Excruciation was put to rest.
Reunited including all main members.
Recording "Arise"
First gig of the new era & releasing "Arise".
Recording "Angels to some, demons to others".
Release of the first full length of Excruciation by NonStopMusic/Twilight.
HNS Reitze replaced George Hauser.
Recording "[t]horns".
NonStopMusic/Twilight releases the 2nd full length.
José leaves the band.
Mario "Doombag" Hahn joins Excruciation.
F.O.A.D. Records releases "The Last Judgement/First Assault".
The Ritual Productions releases "Life of Immortality '87".
"Worship" EP released through Exccruciation's own label  Auric Records.
Mario leaves the band.
"[t]horns" rereleased on vinyl by The Ritual Productions / Auric Records.
Recording of [g]host.
Signed to Gadget Records Switzerland exclusively.
The third full-length "[g]host" has been released by Auric Records & Gadget.
"Last Judgemen", "Total Assault", "The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider"
- 30th anniversary special releases on tape (Auric Records)
Signed to "The Crypt/Dark Symphonies" for a CD release of "Last Judgement"
Signed To WormHoleDeath - Dreamcell 11/Aural Music.
Recording [c]rust at RealSound Studio, Langhirano, Italy.
Release of "Twenty Four Hours".
Release of Lutheran Psalms / Lybia 1942 Digital EP.
Release of [c]rust on CD, LP, MC.
Japanese release of [c]rust by WormHoleDeathJapan.
Rerelease of the "Last Judgment" on CD by The Crypt/Dark Symphonies
HNS leaves the band.
Release of the split 7"/MC with Babylon Asleep
Release of the split 7" with Heavydeath
George joins the band for the third time.
Release of Papa was a Rolling Stone feat. Mary Dale, digital EP
Release of [E]Met, on CD & digital

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